Texas Tech Shots Fired: A Look into the Tragic Shooting Incident

Texas Tech Shots Fired: A Look into the Tragic Shooting Incident


On the evening of October 9th, 2017, the campus of Texas Tech University was rocked by shots fired in a tragic incident that left one police officer dead. The incident made national headlines and sparked debates about campus safety and the access to firearms. Let’s take a closer look at what happened that night and the aftermath that followed.

The Incident

The evening began as a typical day on the campus of Texas Tech, with students hustling to classes and going about their daily routines. However, around 7:45 pm, the university’s police department received a call about a student acting erratically. The responding officer, Floyd East Jr., took the student into custody and brought him to the police station for further questioning.

However, the situation took a deadly turn when the student pulled out a gun and fired at Officer East. The 48-year-old officer was struck and later succumbed to his injuries. The suspect, identified as 19-year-old freshman Hollis Daniels, fled the scene and sparked a manhunt on campus.

The Aftermath

The response from the university was swift, with officials sending out a campus-wide alert and issuing a lockdown. Students and faculty were advised to shelter in place while law enforcement searched for the suspect. It was a tense few hours for everyone on campus as rumors and speculations swirled.

Thankfully, the suspect was apprehended in a nearby parking lot and taken into custody without further incident. He was later charged with capital murder and is currently awaiting trial.

Debate on Campus Safety and Access to Firearms

The shooting at Texas Tech reignited the ongoing debate on campus safety and the access to firearms. Many questioned how a student was able to bring a gun onto campus and commit such a heinous act.

In response, the university implemented stricter measures for entering campus buildings and increased police presence on campus. There were also calls for stricter gun control laws, while others argued for the right to bear arms on campus for self-defense.

The incident also sparked conversations about mental health and the need for better resources and support for students struggling with mental health issues. It shed light on the importance of addressing and destigmatizing mental health on college campuses.


The shooting at Texas Tech was a tragic and senseless act that left a community grieving and questioning. It also brought important issues to the forefront, such as campus safety, access to firearms, and mental health awareness. While the incident may have faded from the headlines, it is crucial to remember and continue to have these discussions to prevent such tragedies from happening again.